I’m an interaction & experience designer that mainly focus on how to deliver a pleasurable and memorable experience for the users. I embrace challenges and love to solve different types of problems from conceptualization to actualization.

For me, design serves to empower people. Technologies have been developing at an unprecedented speed in recent years, yet many of them have not found robust applications for use. Many products are created because of what is possible, regardless of what people’s real needs are. What’s even worse is that lots of technologies and products are made to catch as much attention as they can without a well developed use. The definition of success in design should never only be convenience and efficiency. Rather, it can be the way how design positively disrupts existing solutions and how it can be dedicated to people’s inner emotions and overall well-being. The role of design is to find the gap between the technology and people’s needs and fill that gap in a delightful way that empowers people instead of taking advantage of their vulnerabilities. 

Work @ Google.