Team member: Linzi Wu / Yisha Dai / Bo Peng / Sachit Gupta / John Wegner

My Role: Marketing Manager / Director&Video Editing / Research


BOOTLEG is an internet sharing marketplace allowing travelers access to privately owned internet connections. Unlike mobile data plans or public wi-fi spots, Bootleg offers flexible, low-cost and secure wi-fi usage anytime and anywhere.


Brief: The project is to conceive and create a product-oriented company that is unique and compelling enough to please potential investors.

For this project, our team is focusing on the internet data sharing marketplace. There is a considerable gap between the wasted data and wanted data and we are aiming to build the bridge between this gap.


BOOTLEG Campaign Video


Monthly data plans offer fancy bells and whistles, but in reality, most people don't even come close to using the services they are paying for. Users waste unused mobile data regularly.

How can we build the bridge over the gap between wasted data and wanted data?

 Landscape of Wifi options for wireless Internet connection for international travelers in USA is scarce. There are considerable gaps in offering waiting to be filled.


To better understand the pain points, we conducted user interviews on both sides - data sharers and data users.


Interview with sharers

  people’s opinions on the wasted data

people’s opinions on the wasted data

Interview with users

  people’s opinions on the fixed data plan

people’s opinions on the fixed data plan


Flexible Data Plan

Most data plans on the market are fixed prices with limited data. For sharers, some of them won't use up all the data. The data goes wasted. For users, especially tourists, they only stay in a place for several days and don't want to spend too much on a monthly plan.

Internet Coverage

For data users, they want to make sure that there is enough space that covered with the Internet. They want to be able to connect the Internet anywhere anytime.

Market Size & Competitors

Most existing internet data providers offer fixed plans with high prices. There isn't much flexibility for the user to choose. This is when we identified two totally untapped areas of the market: Pay per use and low price.