This project is to explore the way that people interact with information in the grocery store using technologies in the near future.

In recent years, a lot of shopping has moved to on-line situations. This is great for some purposes. However, being in a well-designed physical space and holding tangible items on your hand could be a unique and unforgettable experience with the help of latest technologies.

This project is to imagine the possibilities of future grocery stores using the Intel RealSense Camera.


Every time we go to the grocery store, we always buy the same food. We want to try some new food that we are not familiar with but there are not enough information. There is a gap between given information and wanted information in the current grocery store.

How can we reimagine the way we obtain information in the grocery store?


In order to learn more about customers shopping behaviors in the grocery stores, we went to the local WholeFoods and Safeway to observe the customers' shopping behaviors.



Interactive Information

The current information displayed in-store has too much text and not attraction. There are additional information displayed around the food but seldom be noticed.

Variety of Information

People want more than one kind of information. They are interested in the food basic information, selection, preparation or some inspirations for recipes.

Tangible Interaction

Many customers have to gain additional information through their phones while they are in store. However, the process is not convenient and not intuitive. They wish there is an easy and tangible to gain food information.




How might we provide the information that utilizes the food itself in a fun way?

To design an interactive food information system that provides multiple information in a fun, innovative and tangible way.



Multiple Information

You can choose multiple information - food biography, selection, preparation and recipe.

Animated Character

Once you put the food on the interactive table, the animated food character would show up and introduce itself in a fun and humorous way. It reduces the text-heavy information.

Tangible Interaction

You can use the food itself as a mouse to navigate the system. It's tangible and delightful. You can feel the food in your hand. 

Connected Information

You can send any information from the system to your phone easily by email or phone number. You can send the recipe and shop all the ingredients right in the store.