The redesign concept is to explore the possibilities to discover and listen to music beyond the existing standard interfaces. And try to imagine a new way to apply conversational interfaces.

Based on the reviews and comments from Spotify app on the apple store, I found out some pain points. This project is to redesign some of the existing screens.



The loading page on the original version is static and doesn't have any animation. Some users feel that it takes long time to wait for the loading.


The new version animates the logo and makes full use of its own shape. It gives more energetic vibe to the brand and makes the waiting time seem shorter.



The original “Browse” feels too flat. Everything is clickable and feels chaotic without hierarchies.



The new design explores things based on the user’s input, which feels more nature and clear.



The redesign explores two ways to highlight different information - the song name, the artist name and the album so that the user can explore further on each category.

The redesign adds lyrics and the timer element. The user can decide how long they want the music to keep playing. Based on the comments on the app store, some users mention that they'd love to use this function especially when going to sleep or going to the gym.

version 1

version 2